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Premgripp socks, irrespective of your sport, have been years in the research, design and prototyping phase. This has been critical in ensuring that the technical features deliver their promise not just once, twice or three times but repeatedly until they (as happens to all socks worn to their maximum) outlive their expected lifespan and are tossed into the back of the sock draw.

This lifespan is achieved in the next phase when we productionise their manufacture to deliver performance, comfort and wear, reflecting the premium price this product commands.

Premgripp is manufactured by people (not robots!) in our Leicestershire factory. We invest in our people and processes to ensure that what you wear continues to work for you. We ensure the brand promises you bought into are realised, not just in the first few wears, but continually as you develop your game.

In fact, Gillingham FC wore Premgripp throughout the entire season 2017/18, in training and in match conditions and have just re-ordered for their squad – only because their kit colour changed!

Alex Wakely of Northamptonshire CC and a former captain of the England Under-19s said of his Premgripp cricket socks:

They are the most comfortable and sustainable sock I have worn. Lots of socks are brilliant to start with but once washed a couple of times the fabrics break up. This is not the case with yours! Top draw!

Clearly our desire to provide the ultimate in quality shows that when you invest in Premgripp we are right there in the game. We provide technical performance, comfort and grip not just at purchase, but again and again. Wear, exceed, wash… repeat.

You play hard every time you step over the line …. so does Premgripp.

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