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The Ultimate Grip Socks

3 Years Of Development

Premgripp socks have been in development for over three years. We designed and manufacture Premgripp grip socks using a patented offset technology, to reduce slippage and increase grip for your feet. In turn this maximises power transfer to the foot when changing direction. Our aim is to ensure you can play with maximum potential.

Our non-slip socks are designed to be used across many sports categories including football, rugby, cricket, netball, basketball, gym work, fitness, running, cycling and more. Premgripp socks also have anti-blister properties essentially moulding the sock to your foot to ensure a high level of comfort. The offset foot technology helps to stimulate nerve endings which are connected to your calf muscles. This can then increase lower leg blood circulation to help reduce fatigue and increase your performance in your chosen sport.

Professionals far and wide choose Premgripp to enhance their sports performance. We are the official sponsors and sock suppliers of The British Basketball Team, Scottish National Cricket Association and England, Wales and Scotland 6-aside national football teams and we supply numerous sports professionals both in the UK and worldwide.

Professionals and amateurs alike choose Premgripp as their sock of choice. Join them and you too can experience the power of Premgripp patented offset technology.

Technical Performance

With Premgripp's patented technology, you can improve your game. Our socks are designed and proven to enhance grip, giving you advantage over your competition.

Effective Grip

By gripping the foot to the sock and the sock to the shoe, Premgripp reduces slip, which in turn can improve power and response within your chosen sport.

Increased Agility

Better grip means enhanced agility in play. You can rely on Premgripp to aid movement around the court or pitch and leave you free to perform at your best.

Maximum Power

Power is increased using Premgripp socks, because you can be confident of reduced slippage within your footwear. This enhances control and gains additional power.

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Premgripp Socks

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Premgripp is a multi-sport sock that can be used in many sports and integrates totally unique offset patented technology.

Premgripp socks include the following key features:

  • Integrated technology inside and outside of the foot of the sock to enhance your grip
  • This technology is strategically placed to enhance blood circulation
  • The foot is fully elasticated giving a perfect moulded fit
  • Double density padding to ankle for enhanced protection (crew socks only)
  • Corrugated area in the articular part of the foot to prevent creasing

Benefits include:

  • Enhancing and stimulating the foot to help with blood circulation through the foot and lower calf
  • Anti-slip properties ensuring your foot does not slip inside the shoe
  • A grip system which increases foot grip and helps prevent blisters
  • Extra power for your feet creating a more explosive performance

Yes, Premgripp also manufacture matching sock legs for all Premgripp sock colours. 

You can purchase Premgripp socks from selected retailers including:


Premgripp socks are available for the following sports to ensure non-slip, anti-blister and innovative offset technology:

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Basketball/Netball
  • Cricket
  • Gym
  • Cycling
  • Running

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